Media subject-related competencies

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“Media subject-related competencies” are the basis for teachers to be able to advance their own professional development in their professional life and to make appropriate and targeted contributions to digital school development. The focus is on pedagogical skills. Teachers acquire the skills to use digital media in a meaningful and targeted way in the classroom.

The area of “media subject-related competencies” follows the structure:

This area shows which skills teachers need to use and create digital materials effectively. This includes suitable tools, design principles, handling files, data protection and more in order to be able to create educational/didactic content.

It is about the practical integration of digital resources.

-Copyright and work usage rights


-Personal rights

-Researching digital resources

-Media management/collection

-File management and tools

-Design principles of media



This section shows which skills educators should have in order to be able to effectively evaluate learning processes and learning outcomes using digital tools.

-Diagnosis of learning outcomes/learning prerequisites

-Learning progress

-Digital feedback possibilities

This area shows which competencies educators should have in order to align teaching and learning methods with the different learning needs of pupils in order to effectively design learning processes and support learning success.

-Socio-economic factors

-Instruction in technology

-Cognitive activation

-Contextual teaching

-Instruction in open forms of teaching