Learning outcome diagnosis/ learning requirements

Learning outcome diagnosis/ learning requirements

I can use digital tools in my teaching in a targeted way to determine the learning requirements of the learners on a specific topic/competence area and to select corresponding learning content.

Basic competency

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This competence describes the ability to offer personalized teaching based on the individual strengths and weaknesses of the students. Through the use of digital tools, teachers can work more precisely and find out where the students stand, which in turn can lead to an improvement in teaching.

Knowledge of the learning requirements is crucial to adapt teaching to the needs of the students. This not only promotes the understanding and motivation of the students, but also contributes to increasing their performance.

A teacher uses an online test tool to check the mathematical skills of his SuS before starting a mathematics class. The teacher can now, on the basis of the results, make the teaching so that it offers both challenging tasks for the advanced SuS and additional support for those who have difficulty

Redecker et al., 2019.

The competencies that are listed under „media subject-related competencies“ under „Evaluation“ enable educators to continuously monitor the learning process, evaluate the learning success and support learning more effectively. Together, these competencies form a unit that focuses on how teachers can use digital tools to evaluate the learning process and adapt the teaching accordingly in order to better meet the needs of students. This approach is crucial for the quality of digital education and the achievement of learning objectives.

Learning outcomes, learning requirements, digital tools, individual teaching, personalized learning.