Instruction in open forms of teaching

Instruction in open teaching forms

I can describe how learners should be introduced into self-controlled, open, media-assisted working methods and describe basic features of open teaching.

Basic competency

1. know


This competence describes the ability that teachers should be able to introduce students into self-controlled, open forms of teaching and learning. This means that educators teach the students the necessary skills and methods to enable them to learn independently and independently. The pedagogue should also be able to describe and explain the basic characteristics of open teaching.

The promotion of open forms of teaching is of great importance in modern pedagogy. Open teaching allows students to work independently, to pursue their own interests and to develop solutions independently. This type of learning promotes the self-employment, creativity and problem-solving ability of the students, which will require them in their later working life.

The teacher explains the basics and gives the students a basic text. The teacher leaves the students for further information as well as the procedure so that they can develop the subject at their own pace.

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The competencies under the “learning orientation”, “media subject-related competencies” are aimed at shaping the teaching-learning situation in such a way that it is optimally adapted to the needs, requirements and skills of students and enables effective and targeted learning.

Learning orientation, open teaching, self-guided learning, media design, introduction into open teaching forms.