Educational problem

Educational problems

I can develop a media-based solution for an educational problem.

Basic competency

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This competence describes the ability to develop a solution for an educational problem using media. Teachers should be able to use innovative approaches to respond to educational challenges and to design effective media-based solutions.

In education, various problems may arise, whether in terms of access to education, quality of teaching or adaptation to different learning needs. The development of media-based solutions can help address these problems and improve the educational experience.

A teacher notes that some of his SuS have difficulties understanding more complex mathematical concepts. To solve this educational problem, he developed a learning app in which step-by-step explanations and exercises are offered on these concepts. The app allows you to learn the SuS at your own pace and offers additional support when needed.

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In the field of “media subject-related competencies” in the sub-area “learning & learning”, the competencies are designed to explain the skills and skills they need in order to effectively and efficiently teach and learn with digital media. These competencies cover various aspects of the integration of digital media into the education process and emphasize the skills to plan digital teaching, to select learning content, to examine technical requirements, to formulate teaching objectives and to organize teaching-learning phases in time.

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