Market, context and target group analysis

Market, context and target group analysis

I can carry out market, context and target group analyses and take these into account when planning my media learning offer. (e.g. market analysis: Is there a media learning offer that I can access?).

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This competence refers to the ability to conduct an analysis of the market, context and target groups before a media-based learning offer is planned. This means that teachers should be able to analyse the educational market in order to determine whether there are already useful learning opportunities. In addition, the context in which the learning offer is to be used should be understood and the needs and characteristics of the target groups should be taken into account.

A thorough market, context and target group analysis is crucial to ensure that a media-based learning offer meets the needs and that it is integrated into the teaching in a targeted manner.

An English teacher wants to develop an online course for SuS of her middle school. Before she starts planning, she looks at appropriate platforms and notes that there are many online English courses for your audience. They also take into account the context in which students learn and find that the SuS have limited access to certain resources. Based on this analysis, it decides to shape its course in such a way that it differs from existing offers and the course is accessible to all.

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In the field of “media subject-related competencies” in the sub-area “learning & learning”, the competencies are designed to explain the skills and skills they need in order to effectively and efficiently teach and learn with digital media. These competencies cover various aspects of the integration of digital media into the education process and emphasize the skills to plan digital teaching, to select learning content, to examine technical requirements, to formulate teaching objectives and to organize teaching-learning phases in time.

Market analysis, context analysis, target group analysis, media learning offer, educational market.