Contextual teaching

Contextual teaching

I can align the digital content in my teaching at the life of the students.

Basic competence

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability of teachers to design digital content in such a way that they are oriented towards the real experiences and interests of the SuS. This means designing digital learning materials and activities in such a way that they fit into the context and everyday life of the learners.

The focus of teaching on the life of the students is crucial to increasing their interest and motivation for learning. When digital learning content takes up topics from the everyday life of the learners, they are more inclined to deal with it and actively participate in the learning process, especially since the students can identify with it and connect to previous knowledge.

A biology teacher addresses the topic of photosynthesis. Here he plans to show this with native plants known to the students.

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The competencies under the “learning orientation”, “media(scientific)didactic competencies” are aimed at shaping the teaching-learning situation in such a way that it is optimally adapted to the needs, requirements and skills of students and enables effective and targeted learning.

Learning orientation, the world of life, digital learning content, motivation, context orientation, everyday reference, personalized education.