I can apply programs to create digital materials (in particular software, text, video, image) and store them in a file format appropriate for my purposes.

Basic competency

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability to use different software programs to create digital media such as texts, images, audio, video. This is about selecting suitable tools and saving the created content in matching file formats.

Depending on what kind of digital content is to be created, different software programs are required. Storage in suitable file formats ensures compatibility with different devices and applications.

Text: Use of text processing programs to create teaching materials/guides. Video: Video editing programs like Adobe Premiere to record, cut and shape video content. Image: Graphic design software like Photoshop to create diagrams, illustrations/graphs. Adequate file format: text as PDF, video as MP4, images as PNG file.

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All competencies that are listed under the Digital Resources section illuminate different aspects that are important for the use and creation of digital media and resources. These competencies build on each other and together form a well-founded approach for competent handling of digital resources in the field of education. These basic competencies aim to provide teachers with necessary skills to effectively use digital resources. A comprehensive understanding of the use of digital resources in education is to be obtained.

Software application, digital materials, file formats, media creation, application programs, content creation, software knowledge, file storage.