Problem based and cooperative methods

Problem-based and cooperative methods

I can name and explain key features of problem-based and cooperative learning in media-based learning environments.

Basic competency

1. Know


This competence refers to the understanding of the characteristics of problem-based and cooperative-based learning methods in media-based environments. Teachers should be able to distinguish features of these teaching approaches and explain how they can be applied in digital teaching and learning environments.

Problem-based learning emphasizes solving authentic problems as a key to understanding concepts. Cooperative learning emphasizes the collaboration of students to achieve common goals. Both approaches can be expanded and improved with digital media to promote effective learning.

A lecturer explains the characteristics of problem-based and cooperative-based learning. He explains how these approaches can help solve complex tasks in groups, using digital tools for cooperation and problem solving. As an example, he leads an online discussion platform on which the students can work together on a real task.

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In the field of “media(scientific)didactic competencies” in the sub-area “learning & learning”, the competencies are designed to explain the skills and skills they need in order to effectively and efficiently teach and learn with digital media. These competencies cover various aspects of the integration of digital media into the education process and emphasize the skills to plan digital teaching, to select learning content, to examine technical requirements, to formulate teaching objectives and to organize teaching-learning phases in time.

Problem-based learning, cooperative learning, central features, media-based learning environments, authentic problems, collaboration, digital tools.