Learning progress

Learning progress

I can use digital tools in my teaching to enable learners to learn about their current learning progress.

Basic competency

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability of teachers to use digital tools to give the SuS constant feedback on their progress. This can increase the motivation and commitment of students.

Understanding your own learning progress is crucial for effective learning.

A teacher uses a learning platform where SuS can view their results in various exercises and tests.

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The competencies that are listed under “media subject-related competencies” under “Evaluation” enable educators to continuously monitor the learning process, evaluate the learning success and support learning more effectively. Together, these competencies form a unit that focuses on how teachers can use digital tools to evaluate the learning process and adapt the teaching accordingly in order to better meet the needs of students. This approach is crucial for the quality of digital education and the achievement of learning objectives.

Learning progress, digital tools, self-responsible learning, feedback, learning platform.