Copyright and licenses

Copyright and licenses

I can take into account copyrights and rights of use (especially sources, OER platforms, Creative Commons) when using digital media.

Basic competency

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability to understand and observe legal aspects when using digital media. This involves knowledge of copyrights, source citations, open educational resources (OER) and various creative commons licenses.

Compliance with the handling of copyrights and rights of use is of great importance in order to prevent infringements and disputes.

Naming the sources for online seminars. OER platforms enable the legal and ethical use of educational materials.

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All of the competencies listed under the “Digital resources” section highlight different aspects that are important for the use and creation of digital media and resources. These competencies build on each other and together form a well-founded approach for the competent use of digital resources in education. These basic competencies aim to provide teachers with the necessary skills to use digital resources effectively. The aim is to gain/acquire a comprehensive understanding of the use of digital resources in education.

Urheberrecht, Werknutzungsrecht, Lizenzen, OER, Creativ Commons, Quellenangabe, rechtliche Aspekte.