Adequacy of media content

Adequacy of media content

I can select media teaching/learning contents in such a way that they can be used in a specific teaching/learning situation.

Basic competency

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability to select appropriate media teaching and learning content that can be used effectively. It is about identifying content that meets the educational objectives, the teaching context and other needs.

The selection of suitable content is crucial for the success of the teaching-learning process. Wrongly selected content can hinder or inefficiently shape the learning progress. Teachers should be able to choose content in such a way that they meet the requirements.

A history teacher is planning a teaching unit over the Second World War. Instead of relying exclusively on textbooks, he also selects multimedia resources through which students get a deeper understanding of the topic.

In the field of “media subject-related competencies” in the sub-area “learning & learning”, the competencies are designed to explain the skills and skills they need in order to effectively and efficiently teach and learn with digital media. These competencies cover various aspects of the integration of digital media into the education process and emphasize the skills to plan digital teaching, to select learning content, to examine technical requirements, to formulate teaching objectives and to organize teaching-learning phases in time.

Adequacy of media content, teaching and learning content, selection of teaching content, pedagogical requirements, effective use of content