I can use legal dimensions such as the General Data Protection Regulation responsibly when using digital media.

Basic competency

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability to take into account the relevant legal aspects when using digital media, in particular with regard to protection rules such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The aim is to know and observe personal data and privacy policies.

Data protection and responsible handling of personal data are of great importance in the digital world. The GDPR and other regulations stipulate how personal data must be collected, processed and protected.

Responsible use of the GDPR: A teacher ensures that the SuS, which he asks, are informed about the purpose of the survey. It obtains its consent, because no personal data may be collected without consent. In doing so, the teacher works with a data protection-friendly survey software that, for example, offers suitable security measures.

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All competencies that are listed under the Digital Resources section illuminate different aspects that are important for the use and creation of digital media and resources. These competencies build on each other and together form a well-founded approach for competent handling of digital resources in the field of education. These basic competencies aim to provide teachers with necessary skills to effectively use digital resources. A comprehensive understanding of the use of digital resources in education is to be obtained.

GDPR, basic data protection, legal aspects, digital media, responsible, data security.