Media teaching goal definition

Media teaching goal definition

I recognize successful teaching objectives and can select them for my teaching situation (e.g. from the educational plans).

Basic competency

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability to identify and select teaching objectives that are suitable for a specific teaching situation. This includes the ability to derive and understand teaching objectives from educational plans or relevant other sources.

Media pedagogical teaching objectives are crucial to effectively shape the use of media in the context of education. Teachers should be able to define clear and appropriate targets for the use of media in their teachings that meet the educational needs and needs of the learner.

A teacher is planning a teaching unit on digital media ethics. He looks at the educational plans and then searches for a learning unit that will ultimately enable the SuS to call ethical questions related to digital media.

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In the field of “media(subject-)related competencies” in the sub-area “learning & learning”, the competencies are designed to explain the skills and skills they need in order to effectively and efficiently teach and learn with digital media. These competencies cover various aspects of the integration of digital media into the education process and emphasize the skills to plan digital teaching, to select learning content, to examine technical requirements, to formulate teaching objectives and to organize teaching-learning phases in time.

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