Digital school-related competencies

Within the area of “digital school-related competencies”, the focus is on enabling prospective teachers to use digital media for professional communication and collaboration, for their own professional development and for digital school development in a situation-appropriate and goal-oriented manner. The focus is on the skills that teachers need in order to use digital tools and technologies effectively for the organization of everyday school life and the classroom.

The following sub-areas fall under the area of “digital school-related skills”

The competencies described relate to how teachers can use digital tools to promote effective communication and collaboration in the school context. These skills are of great importance to optimize the educational process and create a proactive working environment.

-School and classroom management

-Synchronous and asynchronous communication & collaboration

-Project & knowledge management

Teachers need the competencies described to pursue innovative approaches, continuously reflect on their practice and expand their pedagogical skills through the use of digital media, as well as to critically reflect on these media and make adjustments.

-Exposure to digital technologies

-Shaping innovation processes

-Evaluation of digital teaching strategies

-Documentation/reflection of own learning activities and competencies

These competencies focus on the independent and continuous further development of teachers with/through digital media.

-Professional training

-Online continuous training