Professional training

Professional training

I can explain how I can inform myself about current training opportunities with the help of digital media.

Basic competency

2. Know


This competence describes the ability to explain to others how to use digital media to get information about current training opportunities. It is about giving others how they can independently and effectively seek and find training opportunities.

This competence is important in order to remain professional at the latest.

A teacher explains how she regularly uses online offers to keep up to date. There is an exchange among teachers to exchange experiences.

Further training offers can be found, for example: Teacher training

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The basic competencies, which are listed under “Digital School-related Competences” under the “Digital Professionalization” sub-area, both aim at using digital resources and online offers. The competence(s) to identify innovations in education and to use digital resources for professional development demonstrates a proactive approach to exploiting new opportunities in education.

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