Online training

Online training

I can name various online offers (e.g. online communities, online seminars) that I can use specifically for my professional, educational or professional development.

Basic competence



This competence describes the ability to identify and list different online offers specifically for education. It is about making informed decisions about which platform/offer can best be chosen for the particular need.

Due to the large number of online educational offers, it is important to be able to filter out those who are relevant to pursuing educational trends, to know innovative practices and to expand their own expertise.

A teacher can name online offers in which educators exchange innovative practices and resources. The teacher can explain how she actively participates in discussions on the exchange of ideas.

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The basic competencies, which are listed under “Digital School-related Competences” under the “Digital Professionalization” sub-area, both aim at using digital resources and online offers. The competencies of recognizing innovations in education and using digital resoucs for professional development show a proactive approach to exploiting new opportunities in education.

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