Evaluation of digital teaching strategies

Evaluation of digital teaching strategies

I can evaluate the effectiveness and adequacy of my media-based teaching with digital tools and revise my teaching strategies accordingly.

Basic competency

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This competence describes the ability to analyze the effectiveness and accuracy of media-based teaching using digital tools. This is about assessing how effective the learning methods are, using data and feedback, in order to adapt the learning strategy, if necessary.

Continuous assessment of teaching is crucial to ensure that the technologies used actually lead to a better learning success. The ability to continuously review and adapt teaching enables teachers to optimize the learning process.

A lecturer at a university holds an online course. At the end of this course, students give feedback. The lecturer collects the results to assess whether the digital tools have helped to improve students' understanding.

SurveyMonkey, GoogleForms, mentimeters allow the creation of surveys and the collection of feedback from SuS.

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The four basic competencies (replacement with digital technologies, innovation processes, evaluation of digital teaching strategies, documentation/reflecting of own learning activities and competencies), which are listed in the competence area of the „Digital School-related Competences“ under the „Innovations & Reflective Practice“, form a sequence of skills and actions related to the use of digital tools in the education process. Each competence refers to a specific ability or activity that teachers can develop to improve their teaching practices and to promote their professional development. Overall, these skills show how teachers can use digital tools not only in their teaching but also in their professional development. The competences for selecting, using, evaluating and adapting digital tools are a central aspect for a contemporary and effective pedagogical practice.

Learning activity, reflection, evaluation, self-development, training.