Documentation reflection of own learning activities and competences

Documentation/reflection of own learning activities and competencies

I can choose and use digital tools appropriately to document my learning activities and to reflect/ evaluate my professional skills.

Basic competency

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability to carefully select and effectively use digital tools to document individual learning activities and to critically reflect and evaluate their own professional skills.

The use of digital tools for documentation of learning activities and self-reflection is an efficient way to continuously promote personal development. Through the targeted selection and use of such tools, individual strengths can be identified and weaknesses can be improved.

Portfolio could be used to document progress. Here you can choose a digital medium that allows you to install images, videos and texts. This is Mahara.

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The four basic competencies (replacement with digital technologies, innovation processes, evaluation of digital teaching strategies, documentation/reflecting of own learning activities and competencies), which are listed in the competence area of the “Digital School-related Competences” under the “Innovations & Reflective Practice”, form a sequence of skills and actions related to the use of digital tools in the education process. Each competence refers to a specific ability or activity that teachers can develop to improve their teaching practices and to promote their professional development. Overall, these skills show how teachers can use digital tools not only in their teaching but also in their professional development. The competences for selecting, using, evaluating and adapting digital tools are a central aspect for a contemporary and effective pedagogical practice.

Learning activity, competences, reflection, portfolio.