Role play in media-based education

Role play in media-based education

I can adapt my teaching to the changes in educational contexts caused by digital media, as well as individual and collective learning.

Basic competency

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability of educators to transfer their teaching methods to the digital age and to acquire skills to new media in order to adapt to their new role.

Digital media play an increasingly important role in education. In order to be able to digitally convey the teaching material to the students, different skills and competencies are required.

A lecturer stops an online teaching unit. Here he uses a collaborative tool to work on a document together with the students.

Brandhofer et al., 2019.

The competencies in the field of “media education”, “application competencies in information technology” together provide an overview of the different dimensions of media education, which pedagogues can observe in order to promote the media competence of their students.

Digital education, teaching methods, educational contexts, learning adaptation.