Media effects

Media effects

I can explain the effect of (digital) media on children and young people (media socialization).

Basic competency

1. know


This ability describes the competence of educators, the impact of digital media on media socialization. This also includes analyzing, examining and discussing the psychological effects of the media.

Media can also have negative impact on students. Teachers should also be able to clarify this critically and provide the students with an exemplary reflection on digital media.

A teacher is planning a teaching unit. Here he brings his students to the topic. In a further hour it is planned that the students build a poster in group work to reflect on the disadvantages and dangers of digital media.

The competencies that fall within the field of “media education” - problem-solving competence“ enable educators to impart students the knowledge and skills they need to become responsible and competent users of digital media. This includes the protection of privacy, the critical reflection of content, the selection of appropriate media, the understanding of media impact and basic information technology skills as a basis for building on it.

Media socialization, media education, media competence, media impact, youth protection.