Communication culture

Communication culture

I can name how digital tools (Instagram, TikTok, etc.) change the culture of communication and address it during my classes.

Basic competency

1. know


This competence describes the ability of educators to convey students an understanding of the effects of communication tools.

The communication culture has undergone a change through communication media such as Facebook, Instagram. Students must remain critical in handling and be encouraged to reflect on the effects and their importance.

In a teaching unit, the use, handling and consequences of social media could be addressed by way of example.

The competencies that fall within the field of “media education” - problem-solving competence“ enable educators to impart students the knowledge and skills they need to become responsible and competent users of digital media. This includes the protection of privacy, the critical reflection of content, the selection of appropriate media, the understanding of media impact and basic information technology skills as a basis for building on it.

Communication culture, social media, digital tools, media literacy, teaching theme.