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How-to guide: Using OER

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OER can be found on the various platforms for OER materials. OER Wie findet man OER? (Open Educational Resources) OER finden by OERinForm via unter der Lizenz Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

There is no centralized repository for Open Educational Resources (OER) where all materials are available. Although there are isolated efforts to develop such platforms, this would not do justice to the diversity and decentralized nature of the OER community. Nevertheless, most OER documents are digital resources that can be found on the Internet. If they have appropriate metadata, you can search for them specifically. For more information, visit Search and Find OER!!!, where you can find some hints on how to search as well as references to common platforms.

Depending on the licensing, editing of existing material is permitted or not. If editing of existing material is permitted, the work may be modified under the appropriate license terms. A distinction is made between minor changes and edits to a new work. When editing existing OER, the change and how it was made must be marked.

In the case of minor changes without their own level of creation, it is sufficient to indicate the nature of the change.

For Creative Commons licenses of version 4.0, the naming of the different license variants and version levels of the previous editing steps is omitted for SA licenses. For the sake of simplicity, only the last Share-Alike license must be mentioned. If different works are combined so that a new work is created, a separate license may be granted. However, this license is based on the material that carries the most restrictive conditions. The following link is suitable for checking the compatibility of different licenses: CC Mixer

Note: This guide was created in collaboration with the Project ValiDE. The materials were developed by ValiDE and prepared and transferred for the Zendiwiki by TEgoDi.