Media usage

Media usage

I can promote my students strategies that enable the use of media that acts in a receptor/interactive manner.

Basic competency

2. Apply


This competence describes the ability of educators to direct students, not only to use media passively, but also to actively use them and thus to work interactively. Recipient media use means recording and applying information from media. Interactive media use means using media as tools, e.g. to act creatively and solve problems.

Students need a critical view of media content in a media environment. Media content can promote learning processes.

Teachers can instruct their students to critically use tools.

The competencies in the field of “media education”, “application competencies in information technology” together provide an overview of the different dimensions of media education, which pedagogues can observe in order to promote the media competence of their students.

Media competence, active media use, reception media use, interactive media use.